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Cake Girls Are Icky

For Real

If you're a Cake Girl, then you're Icky
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C G A I For Real.

QUACKs (more commonly referred to as the FAQs)

1. Who the hell are you, anyway?
-We are who we are. Essentially, we're the slightly-less-bitchy version of the Six Chicks, unless we decide we don't like you. Then we're your worst nightmare ::cues creepy background music::

Translation: We're six girls who spend as much time together as possible discussing very, very important issues - like Carby, and Alias, and more television, and ourselves, and Carby.

We have more secrets than the Nixon administration - we even have our own Deep Throat.

2. So, cake girls are ... icky?
-You'd be surprised ::beat::

We took the first letters of our names, added some letters, subtracted a few more, and rearranged. It's really quite simple when you think about it. Caffeine + Insanity = Kess on Insaffeine. Except it's really all Kaisala's fault because she's not allowed to say sorry.

3. Are you aware that "cgai" translates to "I see a hooker" in Chinese?
-Damn straight. Next question.

4. How did you guys meet?
-Ahh. Now that's a very good question. Most of us met at the old Carby Board sometime over the summer. ZalaElla is special and met us at the CB's new location, coffeeandpie. When we started pulling all-nighters together on AIM (which is more difficult than you'd think since some of us live twelve hours apart), we realized that we're soulmates. Destined to grow old in our rocking chairs on the porch of our mansion in Chicago that we plan on buying when we get rich, reminiscing together about all the wonderful Carbitas that we threatened Wells into creating.

5. Oh, well that sounds cool. How do I join?
-Don't call us, we'll call you... and don't hold your breath. There can't be a seventh Six Chick. That's, like, mathematically impossible.

6. I went ahead and asked to be a part of CGAI anyway. How come I haven't been let in yet?
-Probably because we don't like you. Or because we may like you, but we don't think you're cool enough. We're a bunch of elitist snobs. Like we said, if we really want you, we'll ask you.

7. I'm not a part of CGAI and that's fine. But is it okay if I use the CGAI inside jokes in an effort for you to think I'm cool enough to eventually be let in?
-Think about that statement long and hard...

Keep thinking...

The safe answer is notsomuch. CGAI jokes are strictly for CGAI girls only unless we've told you otherwise. The same thing goes for our nicknames. Chances are that if you're not in CGAI and you're using our jokes, you're pissing us off. And that's probably not the best way to get an invitation, eh?

8. Well, that's kind of bitchy. What died and left you the Queens of the Universe?
-Luby, that's what. Luby is dead, like, blue dead.

9. Pulse ox is 65?
-That's because it's dead. Dammit.

10. Huh?
-If you didn't get that, then you really shouldn't be here. Go away ::stares::

11. Back to my original point. What's the need for being so bitchy and exclusive?
-It's not like we can help the fact that we're just plain cool and everyone wants to be just like us. We're bitchy and exclusive because we can be. It's our group; we call the shots.

12. One last question. QUACKS? You have got to be kidding me.
-Nope. QUACKS. Questions Useful for Ascertaining CGAI-related Knowledge. You better not try to argue with me.